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The project consists of a new, Type 1B construction, 7-story Native American-focused affordable housing building in the Irving Park Neighborhood of Chicago. The building is 75’ tall, with residential lobby and non-profit office space on the Ground Floor, 9 units on each residential floor, with the 7th floor containing interior and exterior amenity space.

The front entry is a passive space that echoes the river / water themes of the architecture. Hardscape meanders around planted areas as if they were carved out by water. A path of concrete pavers or decoratively scored concrete leads to the front entry while the staggered edge suggesting movement. Plaza-like areas sit to both sides of theentry. The pebble-like aggregate in the concrete is exposed to lend a water-washed quality in keeping with the water theme. 

The planted areas feature a naturalistic palette ofcarex, heuchera, leather-leaf fern, and wild ginger. Two small ornamental trees hem in the space, and drifts of low evergreen shrubs provide structure to the planting and greenery into the winter.

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